Unify your communications, save on maintenance and technicians. We offer advanced solutions for your company’s telephone service.

Cost savings

vPBX at an unbeatable price, incurring no investment costs or technical difficulties. Your Virtual PBX will be hosted on the cloud so there is no need to buy, install, maintain or update a physical PBX.

Ahorro en costes con la Centralita virtual
Atiende las llamadas desde tu ” teléfono móvil“, ” dispositivo SIP“, u “ordenador”


Answer your calls from your “mobile phone“, ” SIP device“, or “computer” anywhere in the world. Bring together offices in different locations, making your everyday communication easier. Encourage remote-working in your company.

Easy to use

Free, fast, and simple; follow the steps of our Wizard and in just 2 minutes your PBX will be operational. Adjust and change whatever you need in real time.

Tu centralita virtual operativa en cuestión de minutos
Mejora la imagen profesional con la centralita Virtual

Business professionalization

Improve your company’s image; customize your welcome message, hold music, and configure the options menu to route incoming calls according to departments, plus many more features.

Hosted pbx

 Virtual PBX features included

• Access from multiple devices
You can create extensions to use the telephone service of your SIP line from multiple devices: softphone for computers, ATA “analogue adapters”, IP phones or VoIP applications on mobile handsets. You just need an Internet connection.

• Security on your access
Improved security on your calls, restricting outgoing calls to only from the authorized IP.

• Security on your control panel
Receive notifications whenever your control panel is accessed, or a change is made from it.

• Web management
SIP Line fully manageable from your user panel.

• Local access
Call from anywhere in the world at great rates.

• Personalized voice mail
Activate the voice mail service and never miss a call. Access from your email or mobile phone.

• Video calls
Make video calls with our netelip softphone or our iPhone and Android apps.

• Sending SMS
Send SMS from the netelip website, using our apps, or send mass SMS with our API.

• Caller ID
Select the phone number you want to display, whether it belongs to netelip or to any other landline or mobile operator, provided you are the owner of that number.

• Follow-me
Activate multiple call divert with different numbers to follow in sequence.

• Hidden number calls
Hide your telephone number from your user panel.

• Simultaneous calls
Manage up to 30 simultaneous calls.

• Call queues
Define your business strategy to direct incoming calls to certain extensions, or even your voice mail. The user has the option to select a maximum queuing time, after which the call can be directed to voice mail, so you never miss a call.

• Routing plans for telephone numbers
Specify geographic number routing within the Virtual PBX.

• IVR – Virtual receptionist
Welcome customers with your personalized message and route calls depending on the time slot, department or language, amongst other options.

• Customized voice mail greeting
Active your voice mail and personalize the greetings as you wish.

• Conference room
Perform multiconferencies with whichever extensions you desire.

• Call transfers between extensions
Transfer external calls to other extensions.

• Customizable on hold music
Upload your own audio files to customize the on hold music for your calls.

• Managing groups
Create groups of extensions, add, delete or rename groups of members according to your needs.

• Extensions (BLF) status indicator
Know in real time if your vPBX extensions are active and able to receive and make calls, as well as which are engaged or receiving calls.

• Catching calls
Avoid missing a call that is ringing on a colleague’s extension. Simply dial *99 followed by the extension number to pick up the call.

• Call forwarding
Activate call forwarding on your extension anytime by simply dialling a code from your extension.

• Dialling plan
Choose your country dialling plan to avoid dialling the international prefix on your calls. Simpler and more convenient.

• Direct extension dialling
The caller can directly dial the extension in the IVR without waiting to hear options or pass a filter.

• Outgoing calls restriction
Decide if you wish to restrict outgoing calls to certain destinations.

• Time slot filter
Manage your calls according to certain working days and hours.

• Incoming calls rejection
Decide if you wish to reject calls coming from certain prefixes or telephone numbers.

• Extension blocking
Allow certain extensions to only receive calls and restrict all outgoing calls to other extensions.

• A melody player is available.
A selection of melodies to use in your Virtual PBX.

• Text to speech creator (TTS)
Create your own online greeting. Add text, choose the voice and create your greeting.

• Customizable greeting
Customize the greetings in your vPBX.

• Support via tickets
Open a ticket from your user panel whenever you need help or have a query or suggestion.

• PBX wizard
A wizard to set up the basic configuration of your vPBX is available.

• IP devices autoconfigurer
Configure your devices easily from your control panel.

• Tickets history
History of all queries made through the ticket system.

• Methods of payment
Choose whether you wish to pay for services using prepay or by direct debit.

• Invoices
Your bills in real-time upon payment, download them whenever you wish from your user panel.

• Calls report in real time
Get up to the minute information on your netelip number received calls to and those made from your SIP line.

Button located on your web page that immediately generates a phone to phone call from the department you choose to the selected telephone number or a group of extensions.

I want to know more about Click to Call.

Price: € 1 per month  (tax not included).

Thanks to this feature, you can record both your incoming and outgoing calls from your vPBX.

There are 2 ways to activate the outgoing calls recording service according to whether it needs to be automatic or on demand:

• Automatic outgoing call recording
From your vPBX you can select the extension you wish to activate to record these calls.

• On demand call recording:
Dial “*3” during the call you wish to call. This option is invalid if the “automatic outgoing call recording” feature is activated.

• Conference room recording:
Play and download conference room audio files.

Precio: € 4.95 per month (tax not included).

Choose between several professional speakers to record your PBX greeting. Choose between male and female and various languages. Access this service through your control panel.

Price: € 1 per month  (tax not included).

Link your database with your vPBX. Create dynamic speech based on the phone number of the user, their password, etc.

Price: € 1 month. (tax not included).

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