why choose PBX Switchboard?

Virtual PBX Switchboard

Unify your communications, save on installations, maintenance and technicians. We offer an advanced telephone service solution for your company.

Professional voice over recordings and Music on Hold

Select from the repository or upload your own audio files so that the music plays while customers are on hold. Choose from our default prompts or customize your own messages to randomly play in the call queue to encourage customers to stay on the line.

Video conferencing and conference room

Communicate with your team members or clients from anywhere. Establish online meetings and group conference calls.

Call forwarding and transferring

It allows you to forward calls directed to your phone, to a different number, previously programmed or directly to a different phone without disconnecting the call.

Call Queue strategy

Enables multiple incoming call management without losing any calls. The call queue strategy allows call reception in a number of extensions at the same time and with a defined strategy (simultaneously, sequentially, etc.). Incoming calls are directed to the call queue and customers enjoy on hold music and customizable prompt messages.

Call Logs

Obtain downloadable call logs in CSV format. Know the number of calls answered by each extension even if it’s part of the call queue, or those calls that have not been answered.

Custom voicemail

Activate your voicemail when needed and don’t miss any calls while out of the office or not able to attend customers.

24h Virtual Receptionist

Attend and redirect incoming calls automatically according to departments, languages or schedules.

Call filters and time slots

Establish call filters by time slots, departments, languages, phone numbers or location in order to attend customer in the way that best suits you.


Route incoming calls within the different departments of your company.

vPBX Virtual Switchboard

More than 51 features available on your free trial

Discover multiple functionalities on your Virtual PBX Switchboard. You’ll have a private self-configuring user panel at your disposal.

How does the Virtual PBX Switchboard work?

Manage your company’s call resources easily

Improve telephone service

Allow companies a qualitative leap in the improvement of their telephone service, a key aspect for business success. Project a more professional image to your clients.


Connect your offices

Unify communications of your company with different physical locations, which will facilitate daily communications between your employees. Answer calls from your "mobile phone", "SIP device", or "computer" anywhere in the world.


Savings costs

You will have all the advanced functionalities of a conventional switchboard. By being hosted on our servers, you'll save on installations, maintenance, specialized technical staff and without incurring initial investment expenses.

Unify communications in your business

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