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Who we are

We are an operator of IP Telephony services and Cloud Solutions. Reference in Spain and Latin America. We provide integral IT and Telecommunications solutions to different industries and sectors, and we target mainly Spanish-speaking SMEs.

Thanks to our own network and our team of highly specialized professionals, with proven experience, we have positioned ourselves as the leading company in Spain in communications services of the latest generation in the telecommunications market, with optimized solutions and 24×7 specialized technical support.

Since 2004, the date of our birth, we transform ourselves day by day listening to the needs of our customers, observing the key trends and technological advances at the global level, enlarging and improving our different solutions, optimizing the usability and experience of the users. Incorporated new services that have helped us reach a wider audience and open new channels and markets.

mission y vision

With a bearing

Our mission is to be the technological partner of IP Telephony services and Cloud Solutions for Spanish-speaking SMEs. Aware of the dynamic and changing environment in which we live, we offer the integration in the cloud of business applications of communications that the business ecosystem needs to achieve optimal results and be competitive.

Our vision is, through our standards of continuous innovation, to help small and medium-sized companies in their process of migration from analog to digital communications and the Internet, in their evolution and adoption of new technologies and in their final leap to the cloud. The digital age takes us to Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), a field in which we have been working for a long time.

services and products

IP Telephony and Cloud Solutions

Through our IP Telephony and Cloud Solutions services, we propose to professionals and companies a new way of working, optimizing their resources and integrating their communications with applications aimed at people and clients in order to be more competitive.

Our customer base exceeds half a million users around the world to whom we provide an extensive and modern voice and data network, as well as value-added services that are very popular in the market, such as Virtual Switchboard, Virtual Numbers, Call Rates. very accessible and affordable, Call Center with integrated CRM, and a wide Market Place, among others, of a wide portfolio of services.

Our flagship service is the Virtual PBX vPBX that enhances the most competitive telephone service of the business and facilitates unified communications with a high differential value translated into simplified business processes, shorter work times and immediate and efficient responses. It is an advanced solution that offers more than 51 functionalities and is made available to the client through a private self-configuring panel.

We offer high guarantees of security and continuity of service and we have ISO 20,000 (Management of ICT Services) and ISO 27.001 (Information Security).
Our pricing policy follows the low cost model, we offer quality at a good price.

let’s be partners

Partner Cloud Channel

In netelip we offer a complete and specialized Partner Certification Program: netelip Partner Cloud for each profile that includes various training resources, marketing tools to boost sales with customers, in addition to technical support and personalized attention to solve any issue related to the configuration of services or commercial activity.

We currently have more than 1,200 partners and our growth policy is committed to continue expanding the distribution channel. Interested professionals can be certified as an Official Netelip Partner in four modalities: Distributor, Partner Cloud, Integrating Partner and Master Seller.

netelip in the world

International presence

In part of our DNA the passion for the digital world and for freedom. Our international vocation is born in our belief of a world without limits or barriers. With a presence in Spain, several countries in Europe such as the United Kingdom and France, and in Latin America: Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Mexico, our policy of expansion leads us to continue growing in Spanish-speaking territory with a potential market of More than 20 million SMEs.