Your SIP line on any device

Replace your analog or digital line with a VoIP SIP Line, and enjoy a complete telephone service with many features and capacity for many simultaneous calls. The SIP Line is free, the only cost for you is acquiring a telephone numbers and for your outgoing calls to other numbers.

Use your SIP line for:

APP Móvil de netelip

App on your smartphone with 3G, 4G or Wifi

Teléfono IP

An IP phone

Adaptador IP

An adapter for your traditional telephone

Softphone de netelip

A softphone on your computer

Features SIP Line

  • Free calls between netelip users.
  • Phone calls to more than 40 countries for 1.5 cents/min.
  • Security on your calls; use the service only from an authorized IP.
  • Free video calls.
  • Personalized telephone assistance.
  • Automatic VoIP devices configurer.
  • Online management in real time.
  • Online support via tickets.
  • Help guides for autoconfiguration of different softphones and VoIP devices.
  • Many different devices: smartphones, tablets, PCs, landlines or VoIP devices.

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