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What is Click to Call?

Click to Call is a button located on your website that your customers can click on to make direct and instant phone to phone contact between the department you choose and the phone number entered by the customer. You can maintain direct, automatic contact with customers, without the need to dial a number, for only €1/month per button.

The customer clicks the button | Click to Call

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Expand your horizons to endless possibilities of communication. We offer your company a collaborative, secure, flexible and profitable platform without the need to invest in your own infrastructures, acquisition costs or maintenance.


Our Click to Call services includes

  • Intuitive Setup Wizard.
  • Customizable texts messages.
  • Real time management.
  • Option to use own designs.
  • Click to Call call reports.
  • Library of customizable buttons in different colours, sizes, typography, and designs.
  • Missed call and/or received call report notifications sent via email.
  • Add filters to incoming calls, reject calls from other countries or mobiles.

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