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SIP Trunk

For those companies that need to keep their current PBX but need to benefit from IP telephony, netelip provides a SIP trunk for call access and termination with capacity of 2 simultaneous voice channels.

Configure your PBX to make and receive simultaneous calls through netelip’s trunk. Benefit from our reates and best quality service.

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Expand your horizons to endless possibilities of communication. We offer your company a collaborative, secure, flexible and profitable platform without the need to invest in your own infrastructures, acquisition costs or maintenance.


SIP Trunking includes

  • Interconnection using registration (for dynamic IP) or fixed IP.
  • Multiple simultaneous channels with no additional cost.
  • Proactive system that detects calls unauthorized traffic.
  • Incoming call routing with intelligent forwarding.
  • Send faxes using passthrough protocol.
  • Help guide for Asterisk, Elastix and 3CX basic configuration.
  • Service level agreements. Our SLA ensure a minimum 99% availability of service.

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