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If you are a systems integrator, or computer store telecommunications consultant, do not miss the opportunity to bring value to your customer communications.

The great strengths and advantages of Voice over IP telephony are not only economic, but also for its versatility and multiple applications available initially being used massively for residential customers, SMEs and multinationals worldwide, emerging as the natural successor current telephony systems.

Just join as a distributor from the registry, it begins to enlist private clients from your panel and bring a commissioning throughout the life of those customers.

From your private panel you can manage your entire customer base, as well as printable documents offers an entire netelip information.

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netelip distribute advantages

These are some of the advantages of integrating our products in your service portfolio
  • New business model in a market with strong growth
  • Add VoIP to your portfolio of products.
  • Generate new customers and loyalty of existing ones.
  • No initial investment without permanence in services.
  • The best market rates on phone calls, saving up to 80%
  • The most competitive comprehensive offering for SMEs.
  • Bundled services with a simple and intuitive configuration.
  • Attractive commission system based on a scaling of uptake.

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Open your horizons to endless possibilities of communication. We offer your company a collaborative platform, safe, profitable and without the need to intervene in its own infrastructures, acquisition and maintenance costs.

FAQ distributors

We solve your doubts about the distribution of services
1. Do I have to pay a fee to become a distributor of netelip?
Not at all. Become a distributor of netelip to promote their products does not require investment or has costs for the distributor.
2. Do I need to achieve a minimum number of clients or is there some sort of minimum requirement high users to become a distributor?
If, to maintain distributor status is need to be performed at least 1 high user per quarter. We understand it is an easily achievable goal for the benefits of the service in attracting customers.
3. How and how often I receive the commissioning of my clients?
It will be the distributor panel which automatically generates real-time, commission based on the turnover of the dealer's customer base. You can request payment of the same by the panel, once the month and during the process attaching the invoice for that payment.
4. Can I stop being distributor whenever you want?
Of course, there is no permanence.
5. What do I need to become a distributor?
Simply register as a company or through independent distributor websites section by completing a simple form. In the welcome email you receive will find enclosed the distribution agreement to be signed to formalize the collaborative activity netelip.
6. I can distribute other products or netelip I have to be exclusive?
Of course, you can distribute complementary products netelip serving. We further understand that the current business relationship or you do have complements our service allowing you to close new sales and retain your current customers.
7. Do customers should contact netelip or dealer for his efforts?
The customer is always a netelip client so you can contact whenever you need netelip. In any case, the steps always be performed through web user panel is netelip automated tool that makes available to its customers for the management of services and can count on help from the dealer when it sees fit and based on the agreement that has been reached with him.
8. Who bills the customer, the dealer or netelip?
Always netelip bill because the dealer does not sell the services it distributes, obtaining in return for a commission on the sales of our portfolio customers.
9. ¿netelip provides white-label?
No, not possible. netelip not allow the resale of its services.
10. How to use netelip corporate image?
The main guidelines to follow and to keep in mind when using the netelip corporate image are:

Make a correct us of the brand, following the basic rules, as the area of assigned respect, minimum size and positive or negative versions depending on the digital format. Maintain a coherent photographic style. Each photograph must positively respond to the following questions: does the image represent our corporate image? Does invite to use IP telephony service? It is a professional image?

While respecting the standardisation of the brand, netelip corporate image should be focused from a creative and original point of view as it is used from the netelip communication department.

Therefore netelip will provide the following brand material to distributors in order to help promoting our services.
  • Leaflets
  • Catalogues netelip service
  • netelip distributor´s official logo
  • Corporate image guide
  • Banners in different formats
This corporate material is provided through the netelip panel, with the idea that distributors do not have any problem or inconvenience when using our brand. In any case this allowe the usage of netelip corporate image to their own devices without taking into account our recommendations or material.

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