Unique combination of integrated applications

Gives you a suite of integrated solutions that make the different management processes at your company easy, agile and flexible.

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Overview of your invoices:

  • Electronic invoicing of customers and suppliers.
  • Unpaid invoices to customers and suppliers.
  • Corrective invoices to customers and suppliers.

Multiple payment methods

  • ntuitive interface for reconciliation of invoices and payments for bank management.
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Easy and simple invoicing

  • Create and send your invoices automatically via email.

Reports and dashboards

  • Customize your reports and analyse your invoicing per customer, business, product, etc.

Manage the entire sales process

  • Keep track of all your sales activities from first contact until the end of the sales order.

Your address book up to date

  • Manage your customer list.

Unlimited estimates

  • Create as many estimates as you wish.
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Product management by category

  • Detailed information about your products.
  • Sales prices.
  • Product category, etc.

Customized reports

  • Create customized dashboards to get an overview of your business sales.

Supplier management

  • Keep track of commercial transactions with each supplier, their historical data and references.

Inventory control and tracking

  • Manage backorders.
  • Product reception.
  • Returned products.
  • Quality controls.


Generate your invoices based on:

  • Purchase orders.
  • Product categories and receptions.
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Product creation

  • Customize all the information you want by category and specific models.

Price list based on:

  • Promotions.
  • Prices according to quantities.
  • Special contractual conditions.

Order lines

  • Automatic calculation of desired deadlines and prices.

Inventory control and management

  • You will achieve optimal stock rotation, applying multiple placement and removal strategies.

Stock management and tracking

  • Update your inventory in real time.
  • Manage backorders.
  • Product reception.


Warehouse, Logistics and distribution

  • Pickup and delivery.
  • Packaging and invoicing.
Controla tu inventario en múltiples almacenes
Controla el inventario y stock de producto con vERP

Multiple warehouse management

  • Control your inventory in multiple warehouses and internal or external locations, always recording stock movements.

Traceability of movement

  • Tracking and control of all your inventory movements from one location to another.

Integrated with the sales and purchases module

  • The stock is updated when validating a purchase or sale order.

Content management

  • Customise the look of your website.
  • Design great online sale pages.
  • Insert images, videos and descriptions of products.
  • Edit online content.

SEO tools to optimize your website

  • Optimize your website and include the most relevant keywords for your business.
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SEO y responsive web

Multilingual websites

  • Sell to customers all around the world in their native languages.

Integrated inventory management

  • Consolidate your sales channels in real time.
  • ontrol your inventory and sales forecasts.

Your sales funnel with Google Analytics

  • Abandoned shopping carts.
  • Best sellers.
  • The behaviour of users, etc.

Opportunity management

  • Manage your sales team and evaluate business opportunities to convert them into sales orders.

Tracking complaints

  • A complaint can be defined by customer name, status and priority level.

Detailed analysis of initiatives

  • Check delays in processing.
  • The number of replies given to your customers.
  • Emails sent.
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Planning meetings

  • Planning meetings.
  • Synchronize your meetings with your mobile phone using the CalDAV interface.

Tracking incoming calls

  • You can convert an initiative into an opportunity, or plan a meeting or cancel it.

Integration with your Virtual switchboard

  • Make calls directly from vERP to your contacts, or automatically filter the record of the customer or supplier who is calling your extension.

Contracting vERP prices

Adapt your company to cloud computing

Herramienta de colaboración vDrive


Easily and securely store, synchronize and share all your professional documents with employees, suppliers or customers.

Virtualización de escritorios para tu negocio

Virtual desktop

Connect to your workspace on the cloud where you will find all the necessary tools to work wherever and whenever you want.

La centralita virtual de netelip gratis durante 30 días

Virtual vPBX

Unify your company communications in an advanced phone service with more than 51 available features.