Transfer your telephone number to IP Telephony

netelip, gives you the option of associating your current number with your new IP telephony line so you can keep your current number in the process of changing to IP telephony and to continue receiving calls over the Internet.

Incoming calls to your current telephone number are picked up by netelip in their interconnection with the public network and routed via the Internet to your IP adapter or VoIP software phone. This solution allows you to receive calls wherever you have IP telephony equipment installed. Transferring your number has a cost depending on the country, the price ranges between 10-30 € per number and it can take from 2 to 6 weeks (depending on the country).

Once your number is transferred, the monthly fee depends on the country, please contact our Customer Service number to obtain detailed information on each case, (you can pay the monthly fee of your transferred number every month or for a longer period of months). There is no permanence and you can transfer your number to another company if you need to in the future.

Transfer procedure:

To apply to transfer your telephone number, you must complete the netelip transfer form and attach it to the procedure once started from your netelip user control panel. You must also attach a copy of the signer’s ID or the tax ID of the company who own the account, together with the last invoice from the current telephone number provider.

Once the documentation is received, netelip will process the porting. Please note that you can be requested additional documentation in some cases, taking into account the rules of each country. Once the documentation is received, netelip will process the transfer.

Once the process is accepted by the loosing operator we will notify you by e-mail about the changeover date.

From that moment you will start receiving calls through netelip. Please bear in mind that netelip cannot guarantee the date and time of the transfer indicated on the application form because it may be modified by the donor operator due to technical reasons. Your current provider should continue providing service normally until the changeover time, and you should not suffer any break in service.