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SIP Line

netelip is more than just a telephone

We offer many features with your netelip line. Free calls to other users and benefit from low call rates.

Llama desde múltiples dispositivos

From multiple devices

Use your SIP line from smartphones, tablets, computers, IP phones or analog adapters. Wherever you are, you only require an Internet connection.

Portabilidad telefónica con netelip


Keep your current landline number so you can continue to receive calls on your netelip SIP line. Transfer your number to netelip.

Llamadas simultáneas

Simultaneous Calls

Manage up to 2 incoming and outgoing calls simultaneously, completely free.

Desvío inteligente con netelip

Intelligent call forwarding

Diverts calls to your mobile or landline only if your SIP line is not available.

Identificador de llamadas en netelip

Caller ID

Choose the number that you wish to display, provided that you are the owner or authorized user.

Seguridad en tus llamadas con netelip

Security in you calls

We provide greater security on your calls, with the ability to restrict the use of the service only to authorized IPs.

Seguridad en tu panel

Your control panel security

Receive notifications of access to your user panel, as well as changes that affect personal data and access to your account.

Video llamadas

Video calls

Use our mobile App or PC softphone to make video calls.

Buzón de voz configurable

E-Voice mail

Receive an email with an audio file of your voicemail messages.

Llama desde acceso local con netelip

Local access

Use your landline or mobile device to make calls through local access numbers and benefit from netelip’s rates.

Gestión en tiempo real en la nube

Management in real time

This, and much more, is fully manageable from your user panel in real time.

Restricción de llamadas salientes

Outgoing call restriction

Decide if you wish to restrict outgoing calls to certain destinations.

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