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Use forms – Fixed Access

Use the phone with the greatest flexibility

From mobile phone

To call from a mobile device, you can access it in two different ways, either by Voice IP or by your local access.

From fixed phone

Through local access you can be in contact with family, friends and customers from anywhere in the world

Formas de uso desde internet

From internet

To call from a mobile device, you can access it in two different ways, either from your computer (PC / Mac) or from a hardware.

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¿How it works?

To make a call via netelip from a landline phone, simply dial the telephone number of acceso a la red de netelip and then the destination number.

Remember that the call to the access number will cost you as a normal call to a local number, but the international section will be transmitted through netelip.


Easy steps

Make calls from your analog landline through the netelip network, at a much lower price than if you were using the traditional way.

1. Create a netelip account.
2. Access your user panel and activate your phone number in “Number Associates”.
3. Mark the access number of the country where you are.
4. Dial the number you want to call.

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