Cloud computing

Global solutions for your company

We offer you a complete range of solutions on the cloud with many advantages.

Savings in infrastructure costs

Access to unlimited resources, paying only for the use you make of them. Compete on an equal technological footing with large multinationals.

Business mobility

Cloud-based solutions: easy-to-use and accessible from anywhere in the world.
Take your office with you anywhere you go!

Access from any device

Remotely connect from your computer, tablet or smartphone and access your files, documents or presentations from your virtual desktop.
Increase productivity in your company!

Security and availability

Access to your solutions will always be protected under SSL protocol. At netelip we make sure your data is always available.
Your information is completely under control!

Flexibility and scalability

To flexibly grow according to the needs of the most demanding companies is our challenge. We can provide more or less storage capacity or any other request in real time.
Optimize your resources at all times!

Quick implementation

All of our solutions are operational in real time.
Forget about waiting!

High performance

Minimize your investment in TIC (technologies of information and communication) and encourage more business opportunities.
More efficiency in your workplace!

Global management

Easy configuration of your computing infrastructure. We avoid the complexity involved in maintaining, repairing and managing complex solutions.
Simplicity itself!

Reduce your impact

Now you don’t need to reinstall or configure programs on your desktop, you can enjoy your data without unforeseen issues or computer problems.
You don’t need advanced technical knowledge!

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